How Voice Technology Improves Business Communications

Voice technology is making an indelible impact in human behavior. Because of devices like Alexa, Google Home and Cortana, the way we communicate, search for information, and transact is beginning to evolve, proving once and for all that this emerging technology is ripe for business adoption.

But what can voice technology do for your company? Here are some ways it can help:

Voice Enables New Forms Of Advertising

Homes across the world are beginning to utilize the power of voice, thanks largely to cheap and affordable devices available in online stores. Naturally, business wanted to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Domino’s Pizza is one great example for this, as they provide users with the very easy ability to order a hot pizza using only voice commands. You can practically order food even if you’re preoccupied with another task.

Voice Strengthens Brand through SEO

Search behaviors was also fundamentally altered because of voice technology. Previously, people sought items by typing keywords into search engines such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This led to companies optimizing their websites with these words so they get hits for their products.

Because of the recent changes, users can also now optimize their pages for voice commands, thereby increasing the probability of getting traffic. This is especially beneficial for restaurants and retail stores who want to rack up purchases and interest from people who prefer hands-free shopping and engagement.

Voice Drives B2B Sales

Voice technology is also addressing some paint points with companies that use a B2B model. With sales people consistently busy with clients call and meetings, using voice tech software optimize processes and eliminate otherwise tedious tasks.

One brilliant example of this is Salesforce. Recently, the company included text-to-speech capabilities on their CRM platform, equipping business development managers with the tools to log meetings using only their voice and even get a recap of what had happened during their dialogues.

Voice Improves Employee Collaboration

The technology also brought about repercussions in the workforce. AI-powered assistants are providing convenience, efficiency and productivity in the work environment for a lot of employees. This is pretty evident in Cisco’s enterprise voice assistant, Spark Assistant. With this platform, teams can utilize telepresence technology to setup meetings, document discussion, enable screen sharing and even have a tele-conference on the go. It takes the pressure off administrative tasks that sometimes can eat up a day.

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