Voice Recognition: What Can You Do With It?

Voice recognition is rising, and with it are the opportunities that can benefit both consumers and businesses around the globe. Companies like Domino’s Pizza, Purina, Ford and more have used voice-enabled products to increase sales, customer retention, and brand awareness.

Do you know you can also use it to improve the current process within your company? Here’s how:

Improve Customer Service Phone Support

While call centers are good strategies for constant customer support, they also come with a couple of flaws. Human errors can occur and sometimes emotions get the best of the people on the call. With voice capabilities, everything is automated and everything is based on the established process, meaning there is less room for mistakes and outbursts, increasing success rates in the process.

Access to Data Analytics

Voice technology is no longer limited to voice assistants. It can record conversations, and even identify the speaker’s emotion and intent by analyzing its audio pattern. More to that, it can now gather information that businesses can use to increase customer satisfaction, competitive intelligence, which can then be easily shared within the workplace.

Integration With Business Apps

In line with communicating internally and keeping track of meetings and to-do lists, it would be easier if there’s an app that could transcribe everything you’re saying. Nowadays, a lot of apps are appearing that include speech to text capabilities. This way, it’ll be easier for everyone to document meetings and even set reminders.

Improved Search Engine Efficiency

Gartner predicts that by 2020, 30% of the searches will become voice activated. Having a voice-activated search engine can result in a quicker and more efficient search. Also, the more complex or longer a user’s query, it becomes more difficult to type it and speaking the search terms gives you a more accurate result.

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