4 Business Benefits of Marrying Voice Solutions with Analytics

Over the years, companies have used analytics to enhance their business process. It has allowed them to analyze data in order to gain insights and even create forecasts crucial to their specific activations. Naturally, with the advent of voice technology, a number of businesses would want to recreate the same experience. But what exactly are the advantages of this marriage?

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Most companies in the world have used data mining to extract customer behavior. Take a look at Netflix. With over 140 million subscribers, they manage to gather data and suggest movies or series based on user’s various choices. Through analytics, they have made the platform more hardworking.

Using analytics alone is already strong enough to satisfy a customer. What more if companies will combine analytics with voice technology? Data mining will be much easier and it’ll definitely improve customer service. By infusing voice tech with data mining, gathering information will be easier. Companies can extract statistics faster than before and optimize results.

Creating a more Productive Environment

Aside from speech to text ability, voice analytics can also record conversations, identify the speaker’s emotion, and intent by analyzing audio patterns. If companies will integrate voice analytics in the workplace, it’ll be much faster for employees to finish tasks and minimize or eliminate entirely administrative tasks such as transcribing meetings or client calls.

Take for example in the case of Cisco’s, Spark Assistant. It enables its users to easily book meetings rooms, record meetings, speech to text capability, and it can also help to find relevant documents.

Self-manage Agent Performance

Another benefit that can be gained using voice analytics is self-management. With the capabilities that it has, employees can assess which area to work on based on their call performance. This way, agents can track their own achievements and drive self-improvement.

Once an employee addresses his pain points using voice analytics, opportunities in other environments will rise and not only will it foster but can result in better customer service.  

Real-time Response

What’s the best way to hound results or figure out a solution other than real-time? In a call center set-up, utilizing a voice analytics software is advantageous. When there’s a problem arising, it’ll be easier for them to address and eliminate the issue. Using voice analytics, a call center can set up an AI that can respond anytime to answer customers’ concerns. It can also help the business to predict problems that might emerge in the future.

Now with the rise of voice technology, Globe Labs launched a voice solution of its own namely, IVES. It’s an interactive voice engagement solution with an analytics platform that allows you to automate calls and customize voice messages.

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