Interactive Voice Response Technology: Just What Is It?

Interactive Voice Response Technology — it sounds so techy and complicated, right? As a consumer, you might not be aware of its meaning but you’re already familiar with it. To give you a better picture, here’s a sample IVR script.

“Thank you for calling XYZ. If you know the extension of the personnel you’d like to speak with, you can enter it any time.

To speak with HR, please press 1. 

For Business Development and Marketing, please press 2.
Or press 0 to speak with a customer service personnel.


— after a selection is made —

Please hold while we transfer your call.”


These lines should somehow ring a bell, so IVR should sound less far-fetched now.

But just what exactly is Interactive Voice Response Technology or IVR? 


IVR is an auto-response system that talks to callers, gets required information and routes the call to a human operator. In other words, an IVR system is the first point of contact of all incoming callers before they can speak with an appropriate resource. It facilitates self-service calls and enables callers to make choices using spoken or typed commands on the phone keypad.

How does IVR work? 


An IVR application provides pre-recorded voice responses for appropriate situations, keypad signal logic, and access to relevant data. Computer telephony integrations act as the glue that keeps it together, allowing IVR systems to hand off a call to a human being.

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How can you use IVR? 


Implementing an IVR system IVR technology brings a number of valued benefits. It’s time-efficient and cost-saving, and simply makes a lot of things easier for you and your customers. Here are the ways you can use IVR for your business:


  • Phone banking


In the past, customers would need to go to a bank to complete even the simplest transactions. Nowadays, banks are allowing customers to complete such transactions over the phone. A customer now only has to call and interact with the automated system.


  •  Phone surveys


An IVR system is also useful in getting feedback from customers through phone surveys. For example, you can follow up with customers about their experience with your products or services right after their purchase. 


  •  Call centers


With an IVR system, you can do away with the need for call centers. Not only is it affordable, it can also boost an organization’s efficiency and reduce operational costs. Its ROI, needless to say, is high. And if your business has multiple locations, an IVR system is useful for incoming callers so when they call you up, they can choose from a menu of options and be automatically directed to a specific location.

Indeed, the rise of IVR technology has changed the game for many businesses in streamlining communication and simplifying various taxing processes. If your business is trying to find a way to trim down the waiting times for your callers, no need to search further. Contact us today and we’ll help you navigate your way to an IVR-enabled business!

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