How a Simple Voice Automation Platform Can Improve Your Customer Service

Great customer service can make all the difference to your bottom line, and should always remain a top-of-mind priority for every successful business.  

Keeping an agile, adaptable customer support system in place is a good strategy to implement when seeking to improve business results. To maintain happy and loyal customers, you want to be able to make your customers feel seen, heard and valued. One way to enhance your customer experience is through the use of an interactive voice response (IVR) system that allows you to automate customer support, while still bringing a human touch that leaves callers a positive experience. 

IVES or Interactive Voice Engagement Solution, offered by Globe Labs, Globe Telecom’s innovations development arm, is a solution you can turn to to get started with your journey to upgrading your customer experience. 

Here are some of the reasons why you need an IVR system if you want to enhance your customer service:

1. Deliver fast, accurate efficient experiences

An IVR system like IVES allows you to lead your prospects to the right information at the first time and every single time. With a dynamic and intelligent routing system, you can save your customers and your team from wasted time on hand-holding through quick identification based on their inputs.  

2. Direct your budget and attention more to other value-adding customer initiatives

With an innovative voice response system in place, you can eliminate the added operating cost on agents or reduce their workload so they can handle more complex or higher-value transactions. Such savings could instead go to further improving your IVR platform. 

3. Build lasting relationships with your customers.

Sure, no technology can replace human engagement, and this is why IVES is designed to allow you to personalize your customer interactions and build memorable experiences for your customers. Even without the assistance of IT teams, IVES’ intuitive interface lets you create DIY voice messages so you can deliver engaging and consistent messaging that your customers will love.

4. Enable 24/7 service availability

You want to always be there when a caller needs you. With an IVR system, you can provide 24/7 customer support for common issues and resolve concerns, helping reduce their frustrations and improving the customer experience. 

Want to learn more about how you can maximize IVR technology for your business? Visit or contact a Globe Account Manager.

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