Globe Labs’ Solutions vs. Globe Labs’ APIs: What Is the Difference?

In today’s increasingly digital business environment, it’s vital for businesses to keep up with new trends and be prepared with what’s to come to stay competitive and relevant in the market. Globe Labs, Globe’s innovations development arm, seeks to be front and center when it comes to equipping businesses with innovative services, providing a suite of solutions and APIs to serve its diverse client base. 

As both offerings are telco-based in nature (i.e., SMS, voice, etc) and overlap at some points, they are often confused with each other and are sometimes interchanged. So what is a Globe Labs telco API and a Globe Labs telco solution? In this article, we will break it down for you. But first, let’s start with the basics. 

What is a service or solution? 

To put it simply, a service or solution is a tool that’s accessible over the internet, using open source protocols and standards to exchange data between systems or applications. Two devices communicate over the internet and are built for interopable machine-to-machine communication. In other words, machine-readable formats (like .xml) can be easily transferred.

Below is a list of Globe Labs’ solutions: 

  • AMBER or Automated Mobile Blaster is a web-based SMS platform that can send text messages to multiple recipients. This can be used as an internal/external communication channel for regular bulk SMS reminders, notifications, alerts, announcements, etc. This can also be used as a two-way communication for replies or feedback.
  • Load Up is an easy-to-use digital solution with simple yet practical features that enables you to give unlimited prepaid credits to multiple recipients, eliminating the tedious process of manually distributing mobile load and enabling your business to have an efficiently connected workforce and engaged customers.
  • IVES is an automated call-out system that helps businesses improve their profitability and boost their efficiency by delivering their messages to their target clients. Using IVES will help businesses reduce manpower costs because they no longer need to employ additional people just to make these types of calls to their customers.

What is an API?

API is the short form for Application Programming Interface, a software interface that enables two applications or entities to talk to each other without any user involvement. An example of this is how your app/s can send One-Time Passwords to you via SMS for authentication purposes. Whereas a service is machine-to-machine, APIs are software-to-software and use an abstract set of instructions to access web-based applications. 

Here is Globe Labs’ list of API offerings. You’ll notice that the aforementioned solutions each have their API counterparts:

  • SMS API allows users to integrate SMS capabilities into their website or application, enabling these platforms to send or receive messages. 
  • Load/Rewards API provide a rewards disbursement functionality to a website or app in the form of prepaid load credits
  • Charging API lets merchants  charge their customers using their prepaid credits or charged to their postpaid plan 
  • Voice API provides businesses to program voice calling into their apps 
  • Sponsored Access enables business owners to provide maximum accessibility to their online content within their app or website by giving them free access to it. 

Globe Labs solutions and APIs combined

At the core, both Globe Labs’ solutions and APIs essentially serve as a means of communication between businesses and their customers and are being largely used for the benefits and opportunities they offer. If you’re a business or a developer who are in need of either solutions or APIs or both, you can start exploring these products by clicking the links below!

Globe Labs | AMBER | IVES | Load Up 

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