Interactive Voice Technology Is A Key Communication Tool These Days. Here’s Why.

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, the reliance on appropriate technology continues to rise to achieve greater control on the spread of the virus and its effects on businesses and communities. Information and communications technology plays a crucial role in enabling access to high-quality and easy-to-use information that allows governments and businesses to reach their target audiences. With this, Interactive Voice Response or IVR solutions are becoming a useful tool in streamlining communications, as critical information needs to be delivered in a fast and efficient manner, enabling remote and contactless interactions with constituents, staff members, employees and customers with the use of voice. 

Voice technology carries with it tremendous possibilities for a safer and more effective mediation between organizations and people as limited personal contact is still required as much as possible. Through automated voice surveys or questionnaires on COVID-19 symptoms, for example, healthcare professionals or employers can track and monitor COVID-19 cases, and provide better care and protection for high-risk individuals. It can also be done the other way around, in which callers dial in and are given easy prompts to better navigate the assistance he/she needs. 

With the roll-out of vaccinations now underway, organizations can make use of voice-based reminders sent to their target audiences, to prompt them of their vaccination schedules, ultimately leading to higher and more successful turnouts of their COVID-19 inoculation efforts. For communities or businesses with a majority of basic phone users and have limited access to the internet, voice proves to be an effective channel for the delivery of such crucial information. Apart from being time-saving, using IVR technology also helps businesses and communities improve their service quality and expand their accessibility. Likewise, IVR helps reduce costs of added manpower who will handle inbound and outbound calls.  

IVES or Interactive Voice Engagement Solution is an automated voice system offered by Globe Labs, Globe Telecom’s innovations development community, allowing organizations to set up their own IVR facility so vital services and information can be accessed in a safe and secure way. Learn more about how you can take advantage of IVES here

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