Here’s How You Can Bring Holiday Cheer To Your Customers Using Globe Labs’ Rewards API

It’s the holiday season once again when retail sales are expected to rise as shoppers are eager to visit stores and websites for their holiday shopping needs. Competitions also get fiercer during this time as brands race towards maximizing the year’s biggest revenue-generating opportunity. This is why it’s important to craft a robust holiday marketing strategy if you want to make the most of the festive season in terms of revenues and profitability. 

Rewards programs present a great opportunity to take advantage of the spike in retail sales and boost margins, as well as stand out in the competition. Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more shoppers are shopping online and are expecting brands to find ways to delight and surprise them with their digital transactions. Building a rewards program is a lucrative option to achieve this and remains a practical customer retention tool especially at a time like the pandemic. Further, rewarding customers is a viable strategy that encourages customers to make their next purchase and boost customer engagement. When done correctly, it can result in an even bigger increase in sales that can ride not only the peak season but even onwards. 

Digital tools such as Globe Labs’ Rewards API can help you build your holiday marketing campaigns via rewards so you can have a successful holiday season. Globe Labs’ Rewards API involves easy integration with your app or website that allows you to distribute Globe prepaid credits or call, text and surfing promos to engage your customers and reward them. With Globe Labs’ Rewards API, you can also customize your rewards program in a way that allows you to send rewards after a customer has accomplished a task like completing a survey, presenting proof of purchase, etc. Such strategies help 

The holiday season is an opportune time to drive increased traffic, and leveraging a holiday rewards program is a great way to incentivize more shopping, encourage website visits and new registrations, boost profits and get ahead of the competition. If you want to know more about how you can integrate Globe Labs’ Rewards API to make your holiday marketing shine, Globe Labs is always ready to help you. Inquire now!

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